Company Requirements: Gamification
Required User Privileges: Company Admin / Competition Admin

The first step is to click on Manage at the bottom left corner of SalesScreen. 

A menu will pop up, where you can proceed to click on Competitions under the Gamification headline:

You'll be taken to the competition administration dashboard. This is where all competitions that you create will be listed.

Simply scroll down the list of tiles to locate the competition you want to edit and click on the little pencil icon on the right side of the competition tile, as seen below:

You will be presented with the competition creation wizard, identical to the one used to create the competition:

In the wizard, you can change everything from the layout of the competition, to the winner's prize(s). Simply navigate to the different configuration sections by using either the navigation menu on top or the arrows at the bottom.

Remember to navigate to the Publish Your Competition section to publish and thus save the changes made to the competition.

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