Step 1 - Competition Type

The first step is to click on Manage at the bottom left corner of SalesScreen.

A menu will pop up, where you can proceed to click on Competitions under the Gamification headline:

Then, click on + Create a new team in the top right corner. 

In the competition creation wizard, click on Points

Step 2 - Layout

In the second step of the wizard, you'll be asked to pick a layout for the competition. A layout is the theme of the competition as it's displayed on the TV-monitors. For instance, if the Car Race layout is chosen, the competition will be visualized as a car race between the competing parties. 

Proceed by clicking the rightmost arrow at the bottom of the wizard.

Step 3 - Participants Type

In the third step of the wizard, you'll choose the type of participants. You can decide if Users should compete against one another, or if Teams should - or even Companies, if the SalesScreen subscription consists of a multiple-company structure.

You can also even create Custom Teams that will only exist in the context of the competition. This is easier understood through an example; if John is on Team-A and Beatrice is on Team-B, you can set up a competition where John and Beatrice are placed on the same team (e.g., Team-Awesome). Team-Awesome will exist as long as the competition is running, where team members are working towards a commong goal set by the bounds of the competition.

Step 4 - Participants

In the fourth step of the wizard, you'll pick the participants of the competition. Find the appropriate description below based on your choice of Participant Type.

Participant Type is User

Select participants from users across all teams. This enables you to set up a competition between all users in the company, or between a specific subset of users.

Participant Type is Team

Select participating teams from the company. You can choose all teams or a subset of teams.

Participant Type is Company

Select participating companies from the list of companies on the left.

Participant Type is Custom Teams

First, enter a name for your custom team in the left text input field. Click Create new, to add it to the list below. You can now proceed to click on the newly created team and add users to the team from the list on the right.

Repeat the process until you have all the custom teams you need.

Step 5 - Settings

In the fifth step of the wizard, you'll define key settings of the competition - i.e. name, due date, when the winner is declared etc.

The following are short descriptions of the different settings.


Set the name of the competition. In the example above, the name is set to "Budget race!".
The Name field helps to identify the competition slide that can be placed in playlists, which are displayed on TV-screens.

Description (Optional)

This field is handy when wanting to provide the competition with a short description.
The Description field helps to identify the competition slide that can be placed in playlists, which are displayed on TV-screens.

Start Date / End Date

Set the start date and end date of the competition. All relevant reports made by users after the Start Date and before the End Date, will count in the competition.

Winner is Declared When

Select the function of which SalesScreen will choose the winner(s) of the competition.
If Goal is reached is chosen, the competition will only define the participant(s), that actually reached the budget/quota before the competition's end date, as winners.
If Time is over is chosen, the competition will define the participant(s), who are leading at the moment when the competition ends, as winners.

Privacy Setting

Select the privacy level of what is going to be displayed on the competition slide.
If Show value only is selected, only the participant's values (amount or quantity) is displayed.
If Show progression only is selected, only the participant's budget progression percentage is displayed.
If Show everything is selected, both the value and the budget progression is displayed.

Step 6 - Prizes

In the sixth step of the wizard, you can define prize(s) that will be awarded the winner(s) of the competition. You can choose to have no prize at all or even multiple prizes. 

As seen at the top of the wizard, the Number of winners field decide how many participants can become winners of the competition.

For instance, if you choose to have two winners for the competition, the first place winner can get one prize and the second place winner can receive another. Or, they can both receive the same prize.

You can define and add prizes from the left side of the wizard. The following are short descriptions of the different prize fields.

  • Prize Name: Set the name of the prize. This field help to identify the prize later.
  • Prize Description (Optional): Set the description of the prize. This field help to identify the prize later.
  • Minimum Requirement (Optional): You can set the minimum requirement for receiving the prize. For instance, you can decide that no one is worthy of the prize, unless they rack up a total report amount of 50 000 - or, for instance, a total report quantity of 5.
  • Prize Image (Optional): You can upload a prize image.
  • Number of winners: You can set the number of winners you want to have in the competition 

Click Create Prize to add the prize and its details to the list.
Existing prizes can be edited or deleted by clicking on the respective icons as seen below.

Step 7 - Publish Your Competition

In the last step of the wizard you can choose none or multiple playlists to publish the competition slide to. This shortcut exists so that you don't have to assign the competition slide to your different playlists

If you wish to announce the new competition, simply switch on Enable events. This results in a short presentation on TV-screens and computer monitors, when the competition officially starts.

Finally, click on Publish Competition.

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