Note: You need admin privileges in both SalesScreen and Salesboard to carry out this approach.

SalesScreen retrieves new Documents, Lead statuses (data layers) and Presentations from Salesboard every 5 minutes, with the condition that they were sent to the Salesboard server from tablet devices with active Internet connections.

Documents, however, are also supported by a feature that sends them directly to SalesScreen at the same instance that the Salesboard server receives them from the tablet devices. This means that documents that are created on a tablet can show up as a report in SalesScreen within seconds — rather than having to wait (worst-case) 5 minutes. This feature is currently only available for Documents.

Step 1 — Create dataflow for a specific Form

Check out this article for help.

Step 2 — Generate the WebHook URL

When the dataflow for the form is up and running, the next step is to retrieve the WebHook URL. This URL is the endpoint (address) that notifications of all new documents will be sent, using the event-triggered WebHook method.

In the Form Integration dashboard, find the form integration that you want to create a WebHook for. Click on Get WebHook URL.

This action generates a new WebHook URL string with the help of the Company API Key

A new window will open, that displays the URL string. Mark and copy the URL.

Step 3 — Create a WebHook in Salesboard

As an administrator, sign in to your Salesboard organization's Management Area website. For example:

Navigate to Settings > Hooks and click on Add hook.

In the popup window, provide a fitting name for the WebHook. Choose POST as the Method and pase the WebHook URL that you copied in Step 2. Check the Active box and click Apply.

Your WebHook will be visible in the resulting list of hooks:

All new documents that are sent to the cloud should now arrive in SalesScreen within a few seconds. Note that the tablet needs to be connected to the Internet for the document to be sent to the cloud.

Notice — Re-generating the Company API Key

The part of the WebHook URL strings that consist of seemingly random set of characters (found between Salesboard/ and /NewDocument) is referred to as the Company API Key. This key authenticates incoming requests to SalesScreen.

Should you re-generate the Company API Key, the WebHook URL(s) will be updated. This means that you have to update any existing WebHooks in the Salesboard Management Area with the new URLs. You can simply follow the process described in Step 2 and Step 3 over again.

As a sidenote, the Company API Key can be viewed and re-generated under Manage > Settings > API keys.

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