Note: You need admin privileges in SalesScreen to carry out this process.

Having already initialized the integration with Salesboard, it's time to set up the dataflow that will retrieve relevant data from Salesboard and visualize it as a KPI of your choosing.

We'll illustrate this process through examples, presented in the guides below, but first, let's explain the dataflow approach.

The Technology behind dataflow

Subintegrations retrieve data from Salesboard via the Salesboard REST API.

The REST API is used to query Salesboard for new or updated data records, like Documents or Presentations, every 5 minutes.

Available Dataflows

There are three different Salesboard object types that can be synced to SalesScreen; Forms, Presentations and Lead statuses

They can be managed from the Salesboard integration dashboard. 

Navigate to Manage > Settings.

Click on Integrations and choose Manage for Salesboard integration.

Click on the following links to read about how to set up and manage the different dataflows:

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