Dataflow for Presentations lets you visualize presentations that sales reps hold while out in the field.

Let's say your Salesboard organization has a presentation object, named Presentation-X. Every time a sales rep starts this presentation he/she can be granted an activity report in SalesScreen, which can be tracked through competitions and celebrated through gamification. This is done by setting up a dataflow for Presentation-X in SalesScreen.


Your Salesboard organization must have created at least one Presentation. Your SalesScreen organization must have created at least one Product of the Activity report type.

How to

We'll illustrate how to set up the dataflow for a specific Presentation through an example.

Create new dataflow

In the Salesboard integration dashboard, click on Presentation.

The Presentation integration dashboard will be presented. You'll notice that all the Presentations that exist in your Salesboard organization are listed on the far left. 

The process of setting up dataflow for a presentation is very quick. Simply locate the presentation that you want to visualize through activities in SalesScreen. Proceed to choose an activity product from the corresponding Product dropdown menu, as seen in the following image.

Notice that we've chosen the product Salesboard Presentation for the presentation named Salesboard. The Is active box on the far right is automatically checked to symbol that the dataflow is currently active.

Remember to click Save to store the changes you've made.

From now on, a sales rep that starts the Salesboard presentation on his/her tablet device will be granted an activity report in SalesScreen with the product Salesboard Presentation.

The activity report becomes visible in SalesScreen within 5 minutes after the sales rep finished the presentation — given that his/her device is connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the report won't show up until the data from the device has been sent to the Salesboard cloud.

Disable dataflow

To disable the dataflow for a given presentation, simply uncheck the Is active box on the far right. Alternatively, you can choose the Optional value from the Product dropdown menu.

One-to-one relationships

You can set up one dataflows where a certain presentation is mapped to a certain SalesScreen activity product, as seen in the following image.

Many-to-one relationships

You can only set up one dataflow per Salesboard presentation. However, you can have different presentations grant activity reports in SalesScreen with the same product, as seen in the following image.

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